Wednesday, 30 April 2014

First Holy Communion on the Feast of St Marianna Rose.

The 29th April is the Feast Day of our precious God daughter, Marianna Rose. She died four years ago yesterday from S.I.Ds which devastated us all. Our only consolation was that God had chosen her to be a Saint in Heaven and we rely and call upon her to pray and intercede for us in our trials and sufferings. 

She was the most beautiful baby; perfect skin, the darkest silkiest hair and rose bud lips; an almost celestial look, an Angel here on earth for those heavenly weeks.

Yesterday, two of Marianna's older sisters made their First Holy Communion. What a special day for them to receive Our Blessed Lord for the first time! It makes a very painful day a joyous one too. 

Isabella and Katherine in matching ivory dresses and white First Holy Communion mantillas from, surprisingly, Ebay! 

Pearl combs held the mantillas in place. 

About to receive Our Dear Lord for the first time...The mantilla reverently covers Isabella's hair. 

Sancta Marianna Rose, Ora Pro Nobis!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Little Flowers of God

Not only is it especially beautiful to see a little girl, or even baby, veiled inside a Church, it shows their Mothers are already teaching them from a tender age to revere and respect God in His Holy Church, and to also become humble and modest as Our Blessed Mother and all the Saints were.

When we dress our daughters modestly and teach them to veil in Church the inward and outward humbleness is apparent.

A sweet pale pink mantilla which fits just on the top of the head and ties, so not to annoy a very young girl. 

A toddler reverently wearing a white mantilla.

This pretty white spotted veil with black lace trim ties behind the head for comfort and ease.

Many little girls tie their mantillas under their chins to keep them on.

Even small baby girls (and their dummies!) can wear a mantilla for God!

'Blessed are the clean of heart; for they shall see God.'

St Matthew 5:8

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit, Alleluia.

Glorious Eastertide; a time of sacrifice, life and hope. As we celebrate the greatest event in history at Holy Mass and within the domestic Church, we remember how deeply Our Lord loves us. Showing Him reverence in Church by veiling is just one of the many ways we can do this. 

A Happy and Holy Easter!

A long, white lace mantilla is perfect for Eastertide Holy Masses even for ladies. 

Beautiful vintage floral mantilla from around the 1930s. 

White looks especially radiant at Easter as all the vestments will be white and/or gold. 

I cannot neglect the Spanish style mantilla and throughout Easter ladies too wear white veils after the black of Holy Week.

Gold is another beautiful Easter colour which fits perfectly with the Church liturgies.

Another 'Peter's Bride' sublime creation, a gold mantilla made from Swiss Chantilly lace.

'Those whose hearts are pure are temples of the Holy Spirit'

St. Lucy

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Passion Sunday

With Passion Sunday upon us tomorrow we can feel Holy Week approaching with the Sacred Triduum, and then the beauty and joy of Easter. Purple is the renowned colour for Penance, for Lent, for Advent; a rich colour signifying waiting, sorrow and contrition. 

Mantillas come in every sort of colour! This glorious purple veil is perfect for Lent and is by 'Liturgical Time' who sell their beautiful mantillas on Etsy. The infinity mantilla can double as a pretty scarf and goes over the head. 

A deeper, darker purple infinity mantilla also from 'Liturgical Time'.

Stunning purple and grey lace and tulle mantilla perfect for the Holy season of Lent, by 'Peter's Bride' who have a collection of beautiful head coverings.

It is a special custom to wear a black scarf or mantilla on Good Friday and even very little ladies can join in with this practice. Here a young girl is wearing a black lace mantilla.

How the Spanish senoritas acknowledge Good Friday, a full mantilla with peineta comb and black dress to match!

'We entreat you, O God Almighty,
to regard your family graciously;
so that, as you are lavishing favour upon it, it may be rightly guided in body;
and, as you are safeguarding it, it may be protected in mind.'

From the Collect, Passion Sunday, V Sunday of Lent.