Monday, 19 January 2015

Mantilla, mantilla!

Mantillas or head coverings of any kind help us keep our eyes towards Heaven. There are a multitude of different styles, colours, fabrics and prices. 
It really does not matter what we place upon our heads but the act of covering our hair when entering a Church shows reverence towards God and submission to His Holy Will. It also allows for more concentration when praying as the veil enshrouds us and provides some privacy.

A very simple scarf works just as well as a plush lace mantilla. It is modest and feminine, allowing the lady to keep her mind upon her Lord.

This little girl wears a delicate, pale blue lace mantilla from Etsy.

Classical white lace mantilla for a young, unmarried lady.

In the Russian Orthodox Church many women choose a simple white scarf to cover their heads.

A Jewish head covering where a colourful scarf is tied tightly around most of the hair. 

A majority of ladies still wear the classic black lace mantilla.

'Mind the things that are above; not the things that are upon the earth.'

Colossians 3:2