Sunday, 18 May 2014

Veiled for Christ

Women veil at the most sacred and special times in their lives-  on their First Holy Communion  Day as young girls, Holy Matrimony as young ladies, or when a lady is called by Christ to give her life for Him fully in Holy Orders as a Bride of Christ.  Many of the traditional orders of Nuns no longer wear the full habit which is so very sad as the dress shows how she has departed from this world and sacrificed her life for God.

A beautiful, old picture of a Sister in Benedictine habit in 1906.

A Benedictine novice making her Sacred Vows in full habit.

The Sisters of the Sioux City Carmel have just gone back to wearing full habit, Deo Gratias! Here they are holding their May baskets. 

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters wear pretty pink habits with white veils. They are cloistered-contemplative missionary Sisters.

The French, traditional Victim Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our dear little Grace Therese at 3 and a half loves dressing as her Patron Saint, the Little Flower.

'A Bride of Christ follows the Lamb wherever He goes...into hearts that do not know Him, into hearts that forget Him and into hearts that reject Him...'

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First Holy Communion veils

May the Month of Mary and June the Month of the Most Sacred Heart, these two beautiful months are usually the sacred time for a little child to make their First Holy Communion. Never was there such a momentous Grace! Receiving Our Lord's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity for the first time is to be properly and aptly celebrated. 
The joy of preparation and prayers are rewarded with this Most Sacred of Sacraments and from then on until the moment of death, the child communicates with God in a truly deep and profound way.

Many First Holy Communion mantillas will feature a special motif like this embroidered Cross. They can be slightly different to the usual mantilla in their size and are sometimes a little more elaborate for this significant day.

Pretty piece of embroidery of Our Lady holding the Baby Jesus with flowers.

One of the most stunning FHC veils I've found, Spanish lace, full and detailed and just beautiful.

Some girls wear flowers, or a flower band in their hair with a veil attached. This one is of white roses on the top with veil flowing down and roses scattered on the veil. Perfect for First Holy Communion, from Etsy.

A classic white lace mantilla but slightly fuller and longer, from Etsy.

What a perfect veil for a little girl's First Holy Communion.

Stella Maris in beautiful lace mantilla and hand made dress for her First Holy Communion by Zelie's Roses

'Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my heart unto Thine.'