Monday, 23 September 2013

In days of olde

Some beautiful lace mantillas from days past. It is lovely to think that the mantilla is alive and well in many traditions today, especially within the Traditional Latin Mass community. Veiling inside a Church where no one veils is also important as it shows people just how beautiful and humble a custom it is, and with prayers, they may follow this example of wearing a head covering to honour God. 

Late 19th century lace mantilla

German cabinet card of a young woman in a lace veil.

Praying at Holy Mass in the 1950s.

Crocheted mantilla in the 1940s with roses.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

When in Spain...

A lady wearing a traditional Spanish mantilla during a Procession in Spain.

The peineta (comb) holds the mantilla in place and also elevates it to create an almost 'fan' behind the face.

A very high peineta...

During Holy Week in Spain even tiny Senoritas wear the black mantilla. I love her pearls!

Grace Therese was spotted to have made her own peineta from her rose in her hair! How very Spanish of her.

One of many different and varied peinetas. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Our Lady's Nativity

On this special feast of Our Lady's Nativity we look to the epitome of perfection in womanhood- Our Blessed Mother. She would have undoubtedly covered her head and always been modestly attired. Let us always keep her as the exemplary woman for our little ladies and growing girls!

'O Mary, by thy pure and immaculate conception, make my body pure and my soul holy.'

The most perfect of women.

Mary most pure, Mary most holy.