Friday, 28 June 2013

An exquisite mantilla.

My new mantilla arrived a few days ago. It is so exquisite I thought I would post the photo my husband sneakily took before Holy Mass tonight! It is a teal and blue mantilla which I was drawn to as blue has always represented Our Lady. 
The mantilla is from the charming shop 'Peter's Bride' at Etsy.


  1. That's beautiful. I really like her work.

  2. Are hats or scarves to cover your hair at Mass as acceptable as mantillas? I wear hats and scarves but My boyfriend says it draws people's attention (females don't cover their head in my parish and the majority wear trousers) when I wear a head scarf covering my hair and that he prefers that I don't: that one must avoid drawing attention to oneself. I'm a spiritual child of Padre Pio, I think I should but even my mother thinks its eccentric and embarrassing when I come in in a straw hat or scarf. Sincerely, A.

  3. I think any head covering shows reverence to God and are acceptable. i have some friends who choose to wear a scarf instead of the lace mantilla purely because they remain upon the head better!
    The drawing attention to oneself I feel can be an issue but perhaps one should view it more as a humility? If one is veiling for the correct reasons then God will know this and that is all that really matters...See it as an offering to Christ and also as a witness so more women may be inclined to cover their heads in His presence. God Bless you!

  4. Thank you Ms.Lewin, that will help me persevere.I've just been reading a list compiled by the founder of Opus Dei on the habits of those who lack humility. Its very sobering to me. I will undertake to wear headcovering despite self consciousness, as an act of humility.
    People have no difficulty with cropped tops and tattoos going to Mass but cover your head and people can sometimes look at you with what looks like consternation.Why did ladies stop wearing mantillas? I like to wear my best dresses to Mass, Why would they be withering away in the back of the wardrobe when Mass is the highest and most profound event we will attend on Earth? Love the images on your site. Hope you set new fashion trends inside and outside the Holy Church.Sincerely, A
    P.S. Would you consider doing a visual piece on tying a headscarf in various different styles/ways.How do the African ladies do theirs? I only know one way and I'm not great at it. Have you any tips? Thank you, A.

    1. I think the honest answer to why ladies ceased to wear mantillas is with the Norvus the aftermath of Vatican II began many changes were wrought and one of them was the dismantling of anything 'traditional' which would have included veils...It would have been absolutely unheard of for a women to enter a Church before them without wearing a head covering. So, it is partly modernism's fault. I usually always sew in a comb at the top of my mantillas to help them stay on my hair and to keep from relentlessly pushing them back on etc through Holy Mass. This really does help. Or some ladies prefer a longer style mantilla or scarf and will wrap it around their head and then either side of their shoulders thus setting it in place. I suppose ultimately it matters not what one is wearing on their head, as long as their head is duly covered. Mantillas were never about becoming fashion accessories but used because they were light and easy to put on. God Bless and keep courageous!