Sunday, 1 June 2014

Modesty is beautiful

Modesty and purity shine through the soul. When  a lady remains pure of heart it is to be honoured. Covering one's head in reverence to Our Lord shows great respect and humility to Him who made us. 
Teaching our little girls, by example, to always veil on entering a Church, and especially when in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament helps with their formation, teaches them modesty, purity and humility. 

Veiling a small baby teaches them modesty from a tender age.

As the young girl reaches her First Holy Communion Day she will be familiar with wearing a mantilla and showing her reverence to God.

As she grows into a young, godly lady she will learn that covering her head before God helps with prayer and teaches true humility.

On her Wedding Day a lady will veil before her bride groom and Our Lord. 

As a young Mother she will pass on the tradition of veiling to her children.

Directing her heart towards God.

Mantillas, or head coverings, can look elegant at any age. This painting is of an older lady humbly attired in a long black mantilla.

'Purity is the fruit of prayer'

Blessed Mother Teresa

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  1. Woah, who would have known that mantilla's could be so useful in the lifetime acts that us women are instructed by God to perform. I am blessed to have stumbled across such an enlightening post. If it was appropriate I would comment on every one you have written, however I can see this becoming slightly annoying for you!

    Please continue to perform this fantastic work, teaching our young daughters and possibly helping out the oldies too! God Bless