Thursday, 15 August 2013

Black or white?

Which colour should one's mantilla be? Traditionally it has always been white for infants and the unmarried and black for married women and widows. 
Of course a lady may wear any colour and some even wear beautiful bright coloured veils, or liturgical colours- blue for Our Lady, gold or silver for Our Lord. 

A pretty little lady in a prayerful poise, wearing a white lace mantilla.

Young girls wearing pastel coloured mantillas and a lady wearing a black veil. 

There is no 'colour code' and this deep red mantilla is glorious on any age!

A stunning collection of coloured mantillas.

"Modesty in a woman is the sign
that Jesus Christ dwells in her heart.  
It is a sweet perfume of edification 
which she is called upon to diffuse."


  1. Hello Amanda, I haven't commented yet on how much I love this blog!
    I often get asked by "mantilla newbies" what colour should be worn. My replies are pretty much the same as yours. I think that there are young single ladies who prefer to wear black, and I've got nothing against that, (as long as they are not wearing low cut jeans, with their midriff showing, which I have observed on occasion, and which seems to undermine the purpose of veiling somewhat!) Also there are young (and older) married women who like to wear white, and some who like to change colour with the liturgical seasons, or have different colours for different feast days. Personally, I'd like to see a lot more colour (and would be happy to make colourful ones for anyone who asks) but that's probably the artist in me!)
    Just one other thing, though the little girl in this post is very cute, I'm afraid I don't think she's wearing a Zelies Roses veil! I haven't yet been able to source lace that can be cut around in a mantilla shape without edging lace.
    God Bless,

  2. Thank you Elizabeth!
    It is wonderful to see colourful and liturgically correct mantillas!
    In fact that is why I bought my new teal blue and black veil, for Our Lady.
    And yes, when my dear husband was Baptised on his 40th Birthday I felt God was asking me to wear my white mantilla I was Baptised in.
    I apologise about mistaking the sweet little girl for one of your models- doesn't she look like the girl in the photo you sent me?
    God Bless,