Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pretty in Pink!

Mantillas come in all shapes and sizes, and all colours. I think it is quite lovely to wear a matching mantilla. At Weddings bridesmaids look especially beautiful in them, as below.

Little bridesmaid Lucia looking beautiful in a bright pink mantilla and matching basket - I love the contrast of the sunny orange dress!

Kiara, Lucia's older sister also looking stunning in a pink mantilla too.

The brightly coloured mantillas look lovely on these young ladies too- I love the orange bouquet!

The Mother of the two darling girls above, Mary, looking pretty in pink. 


  1. Ave Maria!

    I have a question regarding wearing a mantilla. Do ladies wear it only during holy mass or as long as they are inside the church?

    Thank you for your time in addressing my concern. God bless!

    1. Hi,

      Every time I enter a Church where the Most blessed Sacrament lives I will veil. I do not usually remove my mantilla until I'm outside after Mass.
      God Bless!