Wednesday, 30 April 2014

First Holy Communion on the Feast of St Marianna Rose.

The 29th April is the Feast Day of our precious God daughter, Marianna Rose. She died four years ago yesterday from S.I.Ds which devastated us all. Our only consolation was that God had chosen her to be a Saint in Heaven and we rely and call upon her to pray and intercede for us in our trials and sufferings. 

She was the most beautiful baby; perfect skin, the darkest silkiest hair and rose bud lips; an almost celestial look, an Angel here on earth for those heavenly weeks.

Yesterday, two of Marianna's older sisters made their First Holy Communion. What a special day for them to receive Our Blessed Lord for the first time! It makes a very painful day a joyous one too. 

Isabella and Katherine in matching ivory dresses and white First Holy Communion mantillas from, surprisingly, Ebay! 

Pearl combs held the mantillas in place. 

About to receive Our Dear Lord for the first time...The mantilla reverently covers Isabella's hair. 

Sancta Marianna Rose, Ora Pro Nobis!


  1. Beautiful post Amanda, thankyou.
    God Bless

  2. You're so welcome.
    We are blessed.

    God Bless,