Sunday, 27 April 2014

Little Flowers of God

Not only is it especially beautiful to see a little girl, or even baby, veiled inside a Church, it shows their Mothers are already teaching them from a tender age to revere and respect God in His Holy Church, and to also become humble and modest as Our Blessed Mother and all the Saints were.

When we dress our daughters modestly and teach them to veil in Church the inward and outward humbleness is apparent.

A sweet pale pink mantilla which fits just on the top of the head and ties, so not to annoy a very young girl. 

A toddler reverently wearing a white mantilla.

This pretty white spotted veil with black lace trim ties behind the head for comfort and ease.

Many little girls tie their mantillas under their chins to keep them on.

Even small baby girls (and their dummies!) can wear a mantilla for God!

'Blessed are the clean of heart; for they shall see God.'

St Matthew 5:8

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