Sunday, 6 July 2014


Wearing a lace mantilla is not the only way to cover one's head and retain modesty in Church.  It really does not matter how a lady or young girl covers their head, it is the act of being willing to veil for God which is important. 

A peasant style cream scarf with a larger brown patterned one, enshrouds this lady and shows true modesty and femininity.

A simple white scarf can work just as well as lace to veil a lady. 

Brightly coloured scarves can often be a popular choice for young ladies.

Purple, rose patterned head scarf covers (most) of the hair and gives a modest air appropriate for Church. From Etsy.

Many European ladies would don silk scarves for Holy Mass instead of the mantilla. This looks very elegant.

Young Russian girls lighting tapers in coloured and patterned scarves wrapped around their heads very modestly.

Praying in Upper Egypt in plain black head scarves. 

'O how beautiful is the chaste generation with glory- for the memory thereof is immortal; because it is known with both God and with men.'

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