Monday, 21 July 2014

Meeting the Holy Father.

Wearing a mantilla to meet the Holy Father or a Cardinal...or a Saint...

Meeting Cardinal Burke certainly deserves a white, lace mantilla.

Jacqueline Kennedy meeting Pope Paul VI, July 2nd 1963.

In June 1987 when Nancy Reagan met Pope John Paul II she donned a black lace mantilla.

The ever elegant Princess Grace Kelly about to meet Pope John XXIII in June 1959.

Ladies adorned in white lace to meet the future Saint, Padre Pio. Holiness emanated through him to all he met.

What an honour to meet Archbishop Fulton Sheen!

St Therese of the Child Jesus meeting Pope Leo XIII to ask permission to enter Carmel at just 15yrs. 

'He must increase, but I must decrease,'

Gospel of St John, 3:30

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  1. What lovely pictures! I hope you and yours are well. Xx