Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mother and Child

Not only does a Mother veil to show reverence and humility towards God Himself - decreasing herself, so He can increase - it also is an example to any children she may be blessed with, especially her daughters. Teaching them from babyhood that veiling is about focusing upon God, humbling oneself in His presence and being modest and respectful, is a seed which will be sown into all aspects of their lives.

A Mother and Baby in the Russian Orthodox Church. Baby's head is also covered as is custom within the Orthodox way of life.

In the Ukraine Church the Mother's wear a beautiful, full head covering and the little girl's veil in either mantillas or head scarves.

A group of Mothers and daughters -learning by example. These are such modest style veils.

A Russian Orthodox Mother wearing a beautifully bright scarf and her young daughter wears a pretty hat. 

Babies make their First Holy Communion within the Eastern Church. Note the traditional vestments, sacred Communion cloth and the Mother is veiled in white.

Little Grace Therese wearing a veil in Holy Mass...she is aware that we always cover our heads when entering the House of God. 

Lastly, let us always look to Our Blessed Mother for the best example of modesty and humility. 

'Let us run to Mary, and as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with perfect confidence.'

St Francis de Sales


  1. Lovely words and pictures. Grace is looking beautiful, and as cute as ever!

  2. Also, Do you have any practical advice on encouraging young girls, that are not so keen, to wear a mantila?

  3. Thanks Amanda. I love seeing how women from different cultures wear the veil!