Monday, 27 October 2014

Eastern Orthodoxy

In my search for pictures of the mantilla, I noticed how startlingly beautiful the simple scarves and veils of the Eastern Orthodox ladies are.  Having no classical mantilla to follow, they tend to don more colourful scarves and veils. They are always extremely modest and feminine in their attire and one can see their shining example upon their little daughters.

A simple, dusty pink scarf envelopes this lady as she lights a candle at a Russian Orthodox Church. 

Very plain, white scarf for prayer in Church.

Many Eastern Orthodox ladies wear coloured plain scarves in place of the European style lace mantilla. This aquamarine scarf looks very modest and feminine.

What a beautiful Mother and Baby photo in a Russian Orthodox Church. Mother wears a patterned scarf, baby wears a sweet bonnet.

Two young ladies attired in scarves wrapped simply around them.

'But the fruit of the spirit is charity, joy, peace, benignity, patience, goodness, longanimity, mildness, faith, continency, chastity.' 
Gal. 5, 22-23

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