Monday, 6 October 2014

Vintage Veils!

The traditional lace mantilla became popular in Spain towards the end of the 15c and lace became more elaborate and commonly used by the 17c and 18c and then declined in popularity towards the end of the 19c. The lightweight lace was cool in the hot humidity of Spain and has lasted until this day for many traditional Catholics who prefer the lace softness of a mantilla to a head scarf or a hat.

Mantillas the lacy, black kind, originated from Spain in the late 15 century. This is the classic black mantilla of the Catholic noblewoman around late 16c. They have not actually changed much!

Another old picture of the black lace mantilla, around late 18c.

A beautiful white, large mantilla or shawl used for prayer. Approximately late 19c.

A crocheted mantilla, lightweight and feminine, this is 1930s. 

A classic ivory lace mantilla for the 1950s lady. 

A longer, more elaborately embroidered cream mantilla in the classic style, about 1960s.

Today girls and women can find an array of beautiful mantillas in glorious colours and fabrics. This gorgeous gold and black lace creation is from 'Veils by Lily'  mantillas, link on the right.

A Sweet Marian blue veil with white daisy trim, by 'Robin Nest Lane' Chapel veils. This lovely mantilla is just $16.

Stunning deep red coloured, almond shaped lace mantilla with black lace trim and silver sequins by Rosa Mystica Boutique on Etsy. 

'What is it all for? If they only knew what eternity is.' 

Bld. Jacinta Marto, on seeing immodestly dressed women.

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